[VOTE] Who Should Win The Oscars Specifically For Superheroes And Star Wars?

The awards season this year has been interesting. Screams for comic book and ‘genre’ movies to get awards season consideration, especially Oscars, have been growing louder. For months, people championed for “Logan” to get a Best Picture nomination and Patty Jenkins to get a Best Director nomination for “Wonder Woman”.

Alas when the time came, comic book and genre films were once again snubbed. Sure, “Logan” getting a Best Adapted Screenplay nod is a giant step forward, but a strong case can be made that both Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart should have gotten nominated for Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor. The same can be said about Patty Jenkins in the Best Director category.
Y’know what? Today I told myself, screw the old farts at The Academy! And decided to make my own ‘All-Time Superhero and Star Wars Oscars.’ One where all you freaks, geeks and assholes can participate in.
Mind you, you have to take this very seriously as this is an incredibly prestigious award. So prestigious that winners will get an invisible trophy, and voters will get to argue with each other in the comments section.
The rules are simple: I nominate, you vote. If you disagree with my nominations, @ me on Twitter and tell me to eat sh*t. So without further ado, let’s go!

Best Supporting Actor

If Heath Ledger does not win this one, y’all are crazy! Ledger doesn’t just deliver the best performance in a comic book movie of all time, he delivers one of the best performances of all time regardless of genre or form. When I think of the term “method acting” I think of Heath Ledger’s performance in “The Dark Knight”.
But let’s not take away from the rest of these brilliant performances too. “X-Men: First Class” may not be an Oscar-worthy movie, but Fassbender’s performance in it, surely is. THAT bar scene has become nothing short of iconic among film geeks. The same can be said about James McAvoy’s internal performance as Charles Xavier in “X-Men: Days of Future Past”.
Adam Driver’s Kylo Ren is perhaps my favourite fictional character right now. I also hope he dies a horrible death at the hands of Rey in “Episode IX”. What a great villain! Yes, he isn’t a calculated badass like Darth Vader, but that’s the whole point. Kylo Ren is easily the most fleshed out, nuanced character in all of Star Wars and it only works because of Adam Driver’s chilling performance.
And then we have Michael B. Jordan as Black Panther, who has upstaged Loki as the best villain in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The only bummer is that he’s absent in “Black Panther” for a good one hour. Even so, when he is on screen, he’s gripping!

Best Actress and Supporting Actress

I’m combining the best actress and best-supporting actress category simply because besides “Wonder Woman” and the Star Wars sequel trilogy, there aren’t that many notable superhero/Star Wars movies that featured women in leading roles. A trend that is slowly changing and fingers crossed, will continue to change for the better.
That said, the ladies that I have nominated, are pretty f*cking incredible in these roles. Daisy Ridley and Gal Gadot are easy picks. Both of them were pretty much unknown entities (besides Gadot’s booty flaunting in the “Fast and Furious” movies) that took the ball and ran with it, all while proving naysayers wrong.

Danai Gurira and Dafne Keen are my two frontrunners. Not only did these actresses stand toe-to-toe with their male counterparts, they almost stole the movie from them. Dafne Keen, is particularly glorious. Weird thought: There is a scene in “Logan” where she sucks the blood and bullet from her hand and spits it out. How do you tell a 12-year old kid to do that convincingly? I’ve thought about this quite a bit, and I think Dafne Keen’s Laura could be my favourite on-screen female character. She’s magnificent.
I wouldn’t personally give Michelle Pfeiffer, Margot Robbie, and Natalie Portman the win, not because they aren’t good — they’re excellent — but because the card is stacked and the rest have the slight edge, especially IF you factor in the quality of the films they’re in.

Best Actor

There is acting and then there is being. Hugh Jackman, Robert Downey Jr, and Ryan Reynolds get a nod from me because they’re cases of actors truly being born for a role. They’re performers so intertwined with their characters that you actually believe Hugh Jackman IS Wolverine, RDJ IS Tony Stark and Ryan Reynolds IS Deadpool.
Choosing a particular movie for RDJ’s Tony Stark was tricky, but in the end, it boiled down to “Iron Man 3” and “Iron Man”. His performance in “Iron Man 3” edges out his work in “Iron Man” because of where the character is at that point in time. In “Iron Man 3” we have Tony Stark who’s suffering from PTSD after the events of “The Avengers”. He’s paranoid, overly protective and slightly deranged. This allowed RDJ to dig deep and give us a nuanced and layered performance.
Believe it or not, Christian Bale isn’t my favourite Bruce Wayne; That award goes to Ben Affleck. But just like the point I made about “Iron Man 3” it’s the story and writing of the character in “The Dark Knight” (and “The Dark Knight Trilogy” as a whole) that demands the brilliance we get from Christian Bale. This may be a comic book movie, but Bale doesn’t treat the material lightly, nor does he phone it in. This is Bale at his best.
Chadwick Boseman is the dark horse of this category. His performance in “Black Panther” is incredible and worth noting, but the film often switches focus from T’Challa to many (and I mean many) of its supporting characters, that I’m not sure he’s given enough to do to warrant a victory over the rest of the nominees.

Best Director

The list of nominated directors may be slightly different from the list of films nominated for best picture, as I decided to nominate directors who didn’t just deliver great films, but did something incredibly ballsy and perhaps even revolutionary that got the world talking.
How is it that Christopher Nolan did not receive an Oscar nomination for “The Dark Knight”? Oh well, at the very least, he’s getting a much more prestigious nomination now, from Mr. Dedpewl himself. They say, “Michael Jackson may not have invented the moonwalk, but he sure as hell popularized it.” Just like that, Nolan did not invent comic book films but he sure as hell popularized it.
Then we have James Mangold, who rightfully received a Best Adapted Screenplay nomination at the actual Oscars. It’s crazy to think that Mangold and Hugh Jackman had to pretty much get on their knees and beg Fox studios to allow them to make the movie as they see fit. Unlike most comic book movies, “Logan” isn’t interested in being bombastic. This is a realistic family drama about once powerful men coming to terms with their mortality.
Wonder Woman” has etched itself in the history books. And while the third act of the film is a huge letdown, it is still one of the better comic book movies ever made; definitely one of the most important. Patty Jenkins has accomplished what many people thought to be impossible: A female-led superhero movie, directed by a female, grossing over US$ 800 million worldwide, and universally lauded by critics and fans alike.
It’s interesting how “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” has slowly become the most polarizing movie of the year. While most people love it, there is a small group who outright hate it, or at the very least, heavily dislike it, calling it the least Star Wars-y movie — one that shits on everybody’s beloved characters. But this is very much a STAR WARS film, made by man — Rian Johnson — who is ferociously obsessed with these characters.“The Last Jedi” couldn’t just be a retread or a throwback. It had to break new ground. Rian Johnson’s “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” doesn’t just break new ground. It obliterates it.

Best Picture

Many of the movies on this list of nominees has already been talked about throughout the article. So, I’ll just touch on those that I haven’t talked about yet.
“The Force Awakens” needed to accomplish a couple of things. It needed to bridge the gap between the fans of the original and the fans of the prequels. It needed to bring in a whole new generation of Star Wars fans. And it also had to make Star Wars once again, shake the landscape of pop culture. By dancing to familiar beats (while telling a fresh story) and relying on nostalgia, “The Force Awakens” managed to accomplish all of its goals and so much more.
Many consider “Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back” to be the best Star Wars film ever made. While I don’t agree with that notion, it is still an excellent film. In a complete tonal shift from “A New Hope”, Irvin Kershner’s “Empire Strikes Back” takes a darker route and explores the dynamic between Vader and Luke on a deeper level.
“Captain America: Civil War” is one awesome action sequence after another, connected by more awesome sequences in the middle, and sandwiched in between, is an awesome storyline jam-packed with awesome characters. Yes, it is a clinic of awesomeness! It still baffles me to this day how much of character development the Russo Brothers and writers Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely managed to squeeze in, in under two and a half hours. 12 characters! Everyone had their say, we understood everyone’s motives, and everyone had their moment to shine in the action sequences.
“The Dark Knight” changed the game in a big way. Not only is it the best comic book movie, it is my absolute favourite movie of all time. When we think of comic book movies that ‘transcended the genre’, we think of “The Dark Knight”. This is a psychological, crime-thriller akin to David Fincher’s “Se7en”, except it happens to center around a man in a bat suit and a crazy guy in clown makeup.
And then we have the unorthodox pick: “The Incredibles”. What a great superhero film this is. The Fantastic Four story told right. Brad Bird’s “The Incredibles” is smart, explores its delightful characters in depth and is infinitely rewatchable.