Were There 2 Shooters in Vegas? Cell Phone Shows ‘Gunfire’ from the 4th Floor of the Mandalay Bay Hotel [VIDEO]

Infowars Editor-at-Large Paul Joseph Watson released a video from his phone and posted it on Instagram. In the video, speculations about a second shooter seem to be triggered once again. This means that many suspect shooter Stephen Paddock was not working alone from the 32nd floor.
“No there wasn’t a 2nd gunman on the 4th floor. The flashing light was there BEFORE the shooting. Stop this BS,” Watson tweeted.
Posting the video was user bstarr22, adding the following caption,
“The irony in this!! I was going through my pics and videos from last night. Approx two hours before the shooting took place @bigandrichofficial led the crowd at @route91harvest in singing God Bless America. Unknowingly..I was panning the crowd and scanned up to Mandalay Bay, simply to show the beauty of where we were and everyone’s lights on their phones.”
Here is how liberal Snopes pushed the false story narrative in one of their related articles:
‘The “evidence” provided by YourNewsWire and on other conspiracy sites like ZeroHedge.com is a widely-shared, roughly 35-second blurry YouTube video in which the narrators claims to have captured muzzle flashes coming from a room on the fourth floor of the Mandalay Bay hotel.’
And here is the video:
‘Despite what the narrator says, the video in fact does not show muzzle flashes from a nonexistent shooter on the fourth floor of the hotel. The most obvious evidence supporting this is that none of the windows on the hotel’s fourth floor were broken (photographs show that Paddock had knocked out two windows in his suite, from where he had a birds-eye view of the crowd below). ‘
Snopes keeps urging the same story.
A second video explains how that very light flashing an hour before the shooter opened fire, and you can spot it on the right side of the screen in the image below.